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Hi, I am Karin Garcia.

I help pre-product founders turn their ideas into prototypes and these into viable businesses.

[My story]

I am an entrepreneur, writer, early-stage product advisor, mother and woman with three hearts (🇨🇴🇵🇪🇩🇪) who calls Berlin her home.

As a second-time founder, I am working on Maze, the Bumble for rental home finding: the place where you let the properties come to you instead of chasing them around.

I arrived into the product space after building my own digital product. Before that I was a start-up operator for 8 years in FinTech, PropTech and web3 mostly in Berlin. I had roles in the fields of Business Development, Account Management, Operations, Technical Integrations and Product Management. In my first venture I took care of all things Product and GTM.

What I enjoyed the most about my Operator years, was creating from scratch. Building something where there was nothing before. Because you see, building products is a creative matter. You get to make something that wasn't there before. You get to transform the world by making products and services available that weren't there. And you get to make what is in your head real, tangible and out there. This is adrenaline to me!

I make the world the way I like it

This was my motivation to take the step of self-education around all topics Product Management. And then I realized, there are many people who have a dream. And they might not know how to make that real. People who would like to see things in the world that aren't and don't know where to start. Product management is the set of skills that get you there in a digital world. This is the people I'd like to help. The dreamers. The doers. The risk-taker. Because I believe the world is better if we all transform it to our liking.

If you are a person who has an idea and doesn’t know how to make it a reality, feel free to reach out. I love translating dreams into digital products.

If you have the dream, you’ve got what it takes to make it happen!

Freedom to

Curiosity to

Determination to

Learn about turning an idea into an MVP

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