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Hi, I am Karin.

I help pre-product founders build their prototypes and MVPs and turn them into businesses.

[An open letter to you, wanting to turn an idea into a business]

Hello YOU!

Human being with a dream and interested in turning that dream into a viable digital business.

What a beautiful place to be! Full of hope and ideas. And many questions 🙋‍♀️.

Some of them might be: What is the MVP for my idea? How do I go about making it? How do I validate my idea? How do I position my product in a crowded market? How do I reach my first 100 customers?

I have been there. And I want to tell you, for some of them, there are actually answers!

Some answers you may find directly in my posts. Others by working with me. Yet other by shipping the work, and putting it in front of your users.

I want you to join me. In making the world a place we like more by turning ideas into digital products. For what? To support lives lived in freedom and following our curiosity.

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    The Product Letter

    Weekly Newsletter. Every Monday I share bits of wisdom on how to go from 01 in building a company.

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    Happy to wow your audience with topics around the phase of 0-1 when building a company

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    Hire me as Pre-Founder

    Are you building a company, you don't have a product yet and you haven't found your other half yet (a.k.a your co-founder). I can help you settings things up, validate your problem and your solution and recruit your long-term co-founder.

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    Interim Product Manager

    I can join your start-up on a freelance basis and take care of all things product.

Ask yourself Who and not How

Ask yourself Who and not How

Karin Garcia Moreno — 2 min read

Sometimes you just gotta ask “who” not “how.” While learning is important, it shouldn't come at the expense of achieving your primary objectives. Learn a way of reframing it.

🪛 Prototyping

Karin Garcia Moreno — 5 min read

This is part 4 of How to start a digital business in 2024. The main question I will answer today is: Do you need a prototype and how do you do it?  

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Curiosity to

Determination to

Learn about turning an idea into an MVP

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