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How can I help you:

  • Newsletter: join my letter to get weekly lessons to get you through the 0-1 journey of building a company
  • Speaking: you wanna wow your audience? Me too! Book me as a speaker for your event. My topics revolve around product management for pre-product companies (e.g.: "The journey from 0-1", "How to nail your first customer"), , Founder journey and Building a solo-preneur business. I can hold the talk in English, German or Spanish.
  • Pre-founder: Are you building a company, you don't have a product yet and you haven't found your other half yet (a.k.a your co-founder). I can help you settings things up, validate your problem and your solution and recruiting your long-term co-founder
  • Interim CPO/Product Manager: I can join your start-up on a freelance basis and take care of all things product

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